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Year 2:Color

Blast Off Into Space
Air Dates: 9/14/66 & 5/3/67  

The Robinsons prepare for a quick takeoff when they find that a mining
engineer blasting for a life-giving mineral has caused a chain-reaction of
earthquakes that will disintegrate the planet.

Wild Adventure
Air Dates: 9/21/66 & 5/10/67  

Setting course once more for Alpha Centauri, the Robinson's journey is
again hampered by Smith, who first dumps the ship's fuel into space, then
almost pilots the Jupiter 2 into a sun.  Then Athena, the Green Girl who
wants the Jupiter 2's deutronium fuel for food, hypnotises Smith into going
into space.  The Robinson's rescue of him once again throws the ship off
course, and they are again lost in space.

The Ghost Planet
Air Dates: 9/28/66 & 5/17/67  

A voice claiming to be from Earth instructs Smith to land Jupiter 2 on the
planet it is passing.  When Smith obeys, the Robinsons find a civilization
of robots who make humans their slaves.

The Forbidden World
Air Dates: 10/5/66 & 5/24/67  

Jupiter 2 crash lands on a planet whose only inhabitants are a strange
little hermit and his giant bird.  Smith, Will, and the Robot are captured
by the alien, who plans to mobilize an army to destroy the Jupiter 2.  Of
course, he has no army, as the Robinsons learn.  Also, Dr. Smith drinks an
alien nectar, later realizing that it is highly explosive, and he may blow
up at any time.

Space Circus
Air Date: 10/12/66  
A space circus comes to town (or planet), and give a show for the
Robinsons.  The owner learns that Will has the power to materialize
anything he wants, when assisted.  He convinces Will to run away with the
circus, for the good of his family.

The Prisoners Of Space
Air Date: 10/19/66  

An outer-space court accuses the Robinsons of various crimes during their
journey, but after questioning, it is shown that Smith was the culprit
behind each incident.  The Robinsons convince the tribunal not to punish
Smith [although I don't know why!].

The Android Machine
Air Date: 10/26/66  

Smith finds a "Celestial Department Store catalog" and accidentally orders
an emotionless "female" android, whom the Robinsons teach to be human.
Unfortunately, the department store's manager, Zumdish, either wants
payment, or the android back; preferably the android, since it has been
improved upon.  When the Robinsons refuse to cooperate, the manager takes
steps to force them.

The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6
Air Date: 11/2/66  

A travelling show lands on the planet, and the owner tells Smith that if he
agrees to box with a midget and wins, he will be returned to Earth.
However, it is a trick, and he loses.  The troop is really testing Earth to
see if it can be conquered easily, and to save it, John challenges the
owner to a battle.

The Thief From Outer Space
Air Dates: 11/9/66 & 5/31/67  

Convinced that the Robinsons have maps which will lead him to a space
princess, a thief captures Will, Penny, and Smith.  Will is made an
apprentice thief, Penny is held prisoner, and Smith is marked for death
under a pendulum.

Curse Of Cousin Smith
Air Date: 11/16/66  

An "alien" that Smith is terrified of turns out to be his cousin Jeremiah,
who is in cahoots with an intergalactic Mafia in an attempt to murder Dr.
Smith and claim his family inheritance.

West Of Mars
Air Dates: 11/30/66 & 7/5/67  

Smith's doppelganger, a space desperado, forces him to change clothes.
Smith is then arrested as the real gunslinger, and is taken away to another
planet to be executed for his "crimes."

A Visit To Hades
Air Dates: 12/7/66 & 9/11/68  

Smith plays a musical instrument he finds, and is transported to hell, or
so he thinks.  Actually, it's a prison for one criminal, who pretends to be
the devil in order to get Smith to help him escape.  Judy and Don also
visit "hell".  The key to his escape was hidden in the musical instrument,
which playing causes him pain.

The Wreck Of The Robot
Air Dates: 12/14/66 & 6/14/67  

Aliens steal and disassemble the Robot in order to find out how Earth
machines work.  With that knowledge, they plan to build a machine to take
over all other machines on Earth, and subjugate the human race.

The Dream Monster
Air Date: 12/21/66  

To make his android more "human", a scientist drains all emotions from the
Robinsons, leaving them unimaginative and apathetic.

The Golden Man
Air Dates: 12/28/66 & 6/21/67  

A lesson in prejudice.  Two representatives from their respective planets,
that are at war with each other, land on the Robinson's planet.  One is a
handsome golden man, the other a hideous frog creature.  Dr. Smith wishes
to help the Golden man destroy his foe, who claims to be the good guy,
while Penny wants to help the other, who is unfriendly to strangers.  It is
later learned that the Golden man was wearing a disguise, and is even more
hideous than his foe.  He was trying to trick the Robinsons into helping
him, but in the end, they saw the light.

The Girl From The Green Dimension
Air Dates: 1/4/67 & 6/28/67  

Athena, the green girl returns.  A big, mean, ugly, nasty, green brute from
her home dimension is courting her, and she draws pretty, handsome, brave,
pretty Dr. Smith into a love triangle.  The big, green lug of course wishes
to kill Smith.  Also, Will is accidentally turned green, but Athena thinks
he looks too 'pretty' to change back.

The Questing Beast
Air Date: 1/11/67  

A space knight, a sort of Don Quixote, arrives, claiming to be after a
ferocious dragon he has chased across the cosmos.  He fills Will with
stories of quests and dragons and things, and when Will learns that most of
his stories are lies, he loses faith in people.  Meanwhile, the knight
finally catches up with the dragon he has chased for most of his life, and
finds out that it is a friendly, female, sentient life form, and loses the
desire to slay her, and also his purpose in life.

The Toymaker
Air Date: 1/25/67  

Smith is captured by a Celestial Department Store ordering machine
(remember those?), made into a clown, and put into the toy department.
Will and the Robot follow him into the machine, and discover a passage back
to Earth.

Mutiny In Space
Air Dates: 2/1/67 & 7/26/67  

An insane space pirate, Zahrk, abducts Will, Smith, and the Robot and uses
them as his crew in his relentless search for his first mate, Mr.
Christiansen, who committed mutiny.

The Space Vikings
Air Dates: 2/8/67 & 7/12/67  

Dr. Smith steals the gloves and hammer of Thor, god of Thunder, and the
enraged deity challenges the good Dr. to a duel to the death.  Through
trickery, Smith convinces Thor that he is ineffectual and would lose, just
when Valhalla is attacked by giants.

Rocket To Earth
Air Dates: 2/15/67 & 8/9/67  

Smith plays sorcerer's apprentice to a space magician, hoping to steal his
spaceship and return to Earth.  However, the ship is programmed to
self-destruct when it reaches space.

The Cave Of The Wizards
Air Dates: 2/22/67 & 8/2/67  

Luring Smith into a cave, a computer gradually takes over his mind and
body, transforming him into an alien.  With a launch window coming up soon,
the Robinson's must get Smith's true identity to emerge, or leave him

Treasures Of The Lost Planet
Air Date: 3/1/67  

A hideous mechanical head mistakes Dr. Smith for its master and tries to
lead him to a priceless treasure.  A humanoid group of pirates finds out
and forces Smith to take them along.  A captain joins the Robot, Will, Dr.
Smith and Penny on the treasure hunt that yields a disappointing booty.

Revolt Of The Androids
Air Dates: 3/8/67 & 7/19/67  

Verda the department store android returns, pursued by an alien superman
sent to bring her back or destroy her.  When the Robinsons win over the
superman's sympathies, the CDS machine simply creates another android,
stronger and totally devoted to destruction.  ["Crush, Kill, Destroy!"]

The Colonists
Air Date: 3/15/67  

The Robinson men are captured by female warriors and put to work, while the
women are treated to lives of luxury.  The men's fate hinges on Smith, who
has wormed his way into the Amazon queen's affections and can sabotage her

Trip Through The Robot
Air Dates: 3/22/67 & 8/16/67  

Losing power and unable to be recharged, the dying Robot wanders into a
gaseous area, where the vapors turn him into a giant.  Smith and Will crawl
inside him to reverse his ionic process, shrink him back to size, and
possibly save him.

The Phantom Family
Air Dates: 3/29/67 & 8/23/67  

Will discovers that his family has been replaced by android duplicates.
Their creator wants Will to teach them how to act like real humans...or the
original Robinsons will die.

The Mechanical Men
Air Dates: 4/5/67 & 8/30/67  

An army of tiny robots, all resembling the Robinson's Robot, lay siege to
the Robinson's camp and demand the return of their 'leader', the Robot.
The army is vicious, and want to take over the universe.  They realize that
the Robot is too kind to help them, so they transfer Smith's personality
into the Robot, and vice versa.

The Astral Traveler
Air Date: 4/12/67  

Will passes through a space warp into 19th-century Scotland, where a ghost
and a monster inhabit an old castle.  Smith follows, and the ghost learns
that Smith's ancestors were responsible for his death.  He then plans
Smith's beheading.  But mercy arrives for both Smith and the ghost (and
Angus the monster!) from beyond.

The Galaxy Gift
Air Date: 4/26/67  

Penny's loyalties are tested when she must either watch her family die or
give up an amulet an alien warned her not to.  Other aliens will transport
her to an unreal "Earth" as a reward, if she will sacrifice the gift.  They
persuade Dr. Smith to help them trick Penny.